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I am Dr. Sapphire Boone


About Me

Dr. Sapphire Boone is the owner of Advance Social Work Solutions, LLC, a consulting company that focuses on career advancement, education, training, and research. As a social work exam coach, I teach aspiring social workers strategies to simplify the study process and a systematic way to breakdown questions. I provide three main services which consists of an online video course/replay bundle, live online group study classes, and university workshops and consultation. 


I have expertise in teaching, administration, and direct service experience. I hold a bachelor’s in social work, master’s in social work, and a PhD in Social Work as a three-time graduate from the Morgan State University. I am a licensed certified social worker in the state of Maryland. I have over 9 years of experience in workforce development, instructing MSW students in a variety of educational topics including how to prepare for the master’s level of the social work examination. 

What We Do

Advance Social Work Solutions, LLC promotes the advancement of individuals and organizations through educational workshops, weekly live online study groups, and an online video course. University packages include workshops and study material for graduating students for a limited amount of time. 

Who We Help

This program is designed for masters level exam candidates  who need direction on how to get started, This program is perfect for those who desire accountability, intensive coaching, and refocusing after a failed attempt.  It is also beneficial to bachelor and clinical level exam candidates because of the CONTENT OVERLAP. The STRATEGY I teach helps breakdown all questions on all three levels of licensure. Just ask me how! We also provide services for the university/academic setting. 

How We Help

Work with Dr. Boone to prepare for the exam in two specific ways: live interactive online study groups on zoom,  an online video course/replay bundle, and university consultation.



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LIVE Online Study GroupClass

Join a fun filled classroom style LIVE online group study session with Dr. Boone. There are two buying options: purchase individual classes or purchase all classes.

 It features one hour of lecture and one and a half hours of live question breakdown. Participants receive the handouts and recording. SAME MATERIAL as the replay bundle. 

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Online Study Group Replay Bundle- Only $79

  • Same material as the LIVE group classes.

  •  Pre-recorded video of the class series that occurred previously 

  • Over 16 hours of video content on the following areas-how to get started, human behavior, safety, ethics, community/administration, assessment and intervention planning, intervention with clients, diagnoses & medications, community/group, and practice questions only

  • 200 practice questions throughout all modules

  • Each session features 1 hour of content and 1 hour of question breakdown

  • SAME MATERIAL presented in the live classes

  • New user friendly software

  • *Individual sessions also available. The most popular ones are practice questions only and community/administration (which includes research). go to to see all of the individual classes.


What People Are Saying

Shada Allen, LMSW

“Under the tutelage of Dr. Boone my professor, now colleague made passing my exam the first time possible. Dr. Boone was patient, motivating and had the ability to adjust to my learning style. Prior to studying with her, I had never reviewed any study material. In three months, she taught me how to strategically study for the exam, how to dissect questions, how to apply acronyms when necessary and most importantly how to tap into the strength that all social workers have! Her love for the field of social work and wanting everyone to succeed exuded throughout the entire process. Not only would I recommend this licensure prep service to assist with passing the exam, but to acquire skills that are beneficial throughout your career.”

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